Poker Forums and which one is right for you?

In my last post, I mentioned a few of the poker groups that I belong to. One of the responses that I got from Jack who mentioned a site called LiuidPoker.Net. I did a quick scan of the site and it does have a lot to offer. When going to any site, I suggest that you go to the “Forums” sections and check out the dates of the latest postings.  A good site will have activity almost every day.  A great site will have postings almost every hour.

When evaluating a forum you should check to see that they have topics that interest you. Some sites are dedicated to “no Limit Hold ‘Em” and some to “Limit” so make sure that they have discussions or threads, as they are called, on the topics you are most interested in.

Many of the poker forums that exist are free, but to benefit you must register. This usually requires that you register a user name and password and email address. Sometimes the user name is the email address. I would suggest that you use an online email account that you create for just that purpose. Many online services allow to you create email address such as Yahoo, HotMail, etc. This will protect your day-to-day email in the event that you start receiving spam as the result of your signing up.

One of the poker publishers that I found that have a forum is Two Plus Two Publishing. There may be more. Check the appendix of your favorite poker  books to see if they have a forum as well.

There are many online sites that  offer poker videos and poker podcasts (an audio broadcast usually in MP3 format or a wave file). Some are free and some are on a subscription basis. I am currently subscribing to Dueces Cracked. They have a large amount of videos for various poker games and player levels and styles. Their discussion forum seems to average about a 1,000 posts a day. They are very active.

Whatever you chose, make sure that it fits your needs and is fun and informative.

Where do you go for poker discussions online? Are you a reader or a poster or both? Does it help by reading what others are doing and sharing?

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