Poker to benefit Charities – and there are quite a few of them

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In New Hampshire, we have legalized gambling of a sort. Poker is played at our race tracks and at various poker rooms around the state.  The way it works is they take a portion of the rake, usually around 35c of every dollar goes to charity. The rake is the amount that an establishment is allowed to keep from every pot for expenses. Tips to the dealer from the players are separate. In NH the amount of rake per $10.00 in the pot is $1, with a maximum rake of $7.00 per pot. While 35 cents does not seem like much, it is amazing how it can accumulate during the course of a day, over several tables,and several poker rooms.

In Massachusetts, charitable organizations are allowed to hold Poker Tournaments with 50% of the money collected going to charity and the rest back to a few players in the form of prizes or gift certificates, some of which could be a gift card or a bank gift certificate with a dollar value attached to it.

Many of the larger online Poker Sites run poker events to benefit charities. Even some online groups help promote charity as part of their poker presence. There are some poker pros that sponsor their favorite charity on the site they are signed up with.. Just to mention one, Annie Duke of UltimateBet sponsors over four charities with some having tourneys benefiting them as well.

Pledging 1% of their tourney winnings are Rafe Furst,  Phil Gordon, Andy Block, Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth among others. The money goes to the ‘Bad Beat on Cancer” charity.

In spite of the bad economy, poker is helping to support many charities too numerous to list. For more information go to or search the internet.

Do you play at charitable poker events? Do you support any worthy charities as the result of your poker playing? What are your thoughts on this subject?

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