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In previous posts, I said that one of my original sites for playing poker was DoylesRooms. But they had stopped taking on US players and my cash account was frozen and I had moved on to other sites. At some point, late last year or early this year, DoylesRoom started to allow US players back on thier site. I liked the new software but was reluctant to deposit funds based on what had happened in 2007.

I already had accounts on PokerStars and FullTiltPoker as well as UltimateBet. As a result of being on Twitter, I heard about a poker site called and gave them a try. They had some Twitter Freerolls as they called them and I was able to cash in on some of them. It was fun. While they had a small number of players, I was able to find some games that I could play. Overall, I liked the site and the interface.

I still had an account with DoylesRoom but had not used the software in months. DoylesRoom sent me an email stating that they had totally changed their site as the result of join up with the Cake Poker Network.  I went ahead and installed the software and low and behold, the interface looked almost exactly like the PokerHost site but with different tournaments being offered.

My user name is slightly different on DoylesRoom as opposed to Pokerhost but I was able to figure out that I was on the same network because the number of active players and tables were almost identical when I logged out from one and logged into the other.  I then checked out CakePokerNetwork.Net and found out that Cake Poker runs the underlying software and each affiliate gets a special look or “skin” that is tailored to their specifications. Some of the tourneys offered are different. Some are the same.  I ran into the same players on both sites while I was using a different screen name.

It was not and is not my intention to fool anyone about this. But there are some tourneys on DoylesRoom and on PokerHost that I lke to play in and they are not available on both sites. So I pick and choose who I want to be and where I want to play. I can only  be logged into one site at a time. This prevents collusion that could occur if I played as two different users at the same table. I am glad to see that their security works.

Because of my membership with a group called Railbirds.Com I also belong to which turns out is also on the Cake Poker Network. While I do have an account, I don’t and probably won’t put any funds there. There is no compelling reason to do so – currently.

Another site that I have an account with is AbsolutePoker and it turns out that they are on the same network with UltimateBet. Again, while the screens are different I can find the same players on either site. But I can only run one site at a time  which is fine by me.

The point of all this?  I would say that before you sign up you should check to see who runs the site. Who the owners? Do what they offer compel you to sign up and play at their site?

How many of you belong to online sites that are owned by the same network? What makes you play one site versus the other? Is there any benefit to being signed up to more that one site on the same poker network?

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