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I consider myself to my a Limit Hold ‘Em player. That is a form of Texas Hold ‘Em that I have studied the most and have had good results with. One other reason for playing Limit Hold ‘Em is to control the amount of variance or losses that I might sustain during the course of time. In the past, whenever I attempted to change over to No Limit Hold ‘Em cash games, the results have been disastrous to say the least.

There is quite a difference between the two styles of play. While I have had reasonable success with No Limit Hold ‘Em in tourneys and Sit N Go’s, it has not been my best cash game choice.

I mentioned in my post about “Full Rush Poker” having a new and small online poker site. While there were over 600 players when I logged in, no one was playing at the limit tables. My only choices were No Limit Hold ‘Em or Omaha Pot Limit, both the High and High/Low version.

There was little or no one waiting to play at the Sit N Go’s. I signed up for one low entry fee  Sit N Go and joined a No Limit Hold ‘Em table, where the stakes were .05/.10 with an initial buy in of $5.00.

This time my results were much better. I believe this is because I am starting to understand the game better. I would only play a hand if the cards I was dealt were strong enough to play based on my position at the table.

If I was the first person to the left of the “big blind”, I would enter the hand if I had AA, KK, QQ, JJ, or AK. In middle position I would enter only if I had at least a pair of eights or better. In the late position, I would enter with as low as a pair of twos or suited connectors.

Depending on how loose the other players at the table were, I might also enter with suited connector as low as 9 8, if I was reasonably sure that I would not be raised or re-raised pre-flop.

By playing my cards in position, I was able to play the best hands and win small to large pots. At one point during the session, I had grown my original $5.00 to $17.00. I left the table with $12.00 overall. I felt very pleased with my results at No Limit. By the way, the Sit N Go that I signed up for, never filled up so I had to un-register before logging off of the site.

I base my previous results at No Limit on the fact that I played too many hands out of position, too many drawing hands too early, in bad position. I was also unable to fold many hands in spite of the evidence that they might not be the best hand.

What is your game of choice? Limit or No Limit? Do you follow the guidelines of playing hands in position? How have your results been?

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