Does "Poker After Dark" affect how people play No Limit Hold 'Em

Patrik Antonius at 2006 World Series of Poker.
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NBC’s popular show “Poker After Dark” may be influencing the play of people on line. My wife, Diane, and I have been watching the show since last season and have found it entertaining and have seen plays made that are not in any of the 50 odd poker books that I own and have read.  I have seen hands like 3 4 suited raised out of position, and 5 bet after the flop without hitting and taking down a big pot. Of course the players that do this are either Tom Dwan, Peter Eastgate, Patrik Antonius or Ilari Sahamies AKA “Ziigmund”, just to mention a few.

At the site I play at regularly, I saw players go all in pre-flop with J7 suited, Ax, small poker pairs or just about any two cards as long as they were suited or had at least one face card. I even saw a 7 2 suited take down a good size pot hitting a flush. I was beaten in one had when I had the early lead. I had flopped the flush and I had raised 8 big blinds and got called by one person who had just 4 to the flush, holding only one card, the Ace, and caught his fourth diamond on the board to take down the pot, with Ad 6s. How he could even think of calling was amazing based on the odds he was getting. With six diamonds already out, he was drawing thin and he hit. I wonder if he saw this move on TV?

After a couple of hours of playing No Limit Hold ‘Em, I switched gears and entered a low buy in RAZZ tourney being played by members of the group that I belong to. It was fun, and as I don’t play RAZZ often, I decided it would be a good experience. I went from being in the top 5 of the 15 players to the bottom 5 and then held first place before losing 2/3 of my chips and eventually finishing in 14th place overall. Holding a hand of A 2 4 5 7 8 Q, I ran into A 2 3 5 6 7 K. I did not even consider that my A 2 4 was not the best hand until I had most of my chips in the middle …. and then I said … what does he have? The wheel? A 2 3 4 5? Close enough. I cannot wait for the next match. They hold them every Tuesday night at 8:30pm ET on PokerStars. If you’re a Railbird just look for “Poker Brats” postings.

Over all, I had an enjoyable time playing poker. Do you enjoy the time you spend, win or lose? Are you able to handle coolers without letting it effect your game? Do you play more than one variation of poker?

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