The TPT Season 4 Finale was a blast – 18 players were invited to play

Poker Champions
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Sunday night at 5:0o pm ET, 18 members of the TPT were invited to participate in the final event for Season 4 of the Twitter Poker Tour. The players invited were from the top 18 of the two leader boards, TPT and TPTE (Europe). They were as follows along with their tourney results: Congratulations to them all.

1: GoofyRooster, $240 + $16 Tournament Entry
2: buzzback, $45
3: teruna, $27
4: KingSteve7, $18
5: taz31362
6: StevieTrips
7: 4get 2 4Bet Me
8: Excalibur9
9: fleapid
10: edih
11: astro_pup
12: Street 3
14: Shackedin06
15: widmayer
16: McChicknHead
17: swyyft
18: MrSoprano111

The event lasted over 2 hours 41 minutes. The uncontested leader after two hours of play was GoofyRooster. His careful tight and aggressive style of play kept him in the lead and allowed him to eliminate many a player who tried to go against him. He may not have won every hand he played, but he won the ones that counted.

In one of the last four hands that I played in the event, I was dealt a an A 10 of diamonds. The flop was 6c 4d 8h of  diamonds, giving me three diamonds and a chance for a backdoor straight.  I was up against GoofyRooster.  I had raised pre-flop. After the flop GoofyRooster bet 200 and I called. The turn was a 5 of diamonds. giving me four to the flush and a draw to the best flush. GoofyRooster bet 600.  I felt that my odds of making the flush or the high hand were good. I had a chance to catch any of the nine remaining diamonds in the deck and I might even win if I caught one of three remaining aces or tens as well. I had at least 15 chances out of 43 remaining cards so I called. The river was a 5 of spades and I lost the pot, leaving me 1,200 less chips but still in second place.

The second ace 10 hand that I played cost me almost all of my chips as I hit the ten on the flop and decided to call this hand down as I thought the flop had not hit my opponent. When we turned over our cards, Teruna showed a pair of pocket queens to beat my tens. Basically, I was out as I had less than 600 chips or a bet and a half left. Poor decisions can be costly at the end of a game.

Sometimes it is just best to wait for a premium hand or a good flop. But all in all, the tourney was well played and all the players came with their “A” games to the table.

I am looking forward to season 5. Are you?

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