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When I started my blog on January 2nd of this year, little did I know that it was not  always easy to write something, let alone something interesting or informative every day. Also, at the time I started, I was unaware of just how many “poker blogs” were out in the world wide web! It turns out that there are hundreds of blogs, forums and poker sites.

Many of the sites are run by professional poker companies, professional poker players or professional poker instructional sites. The rest of the blogs are written by people like myself, who have a passion for all things poker and like to share their thoughts and ideas.

I am not really sure what is interesting to everyone who reads my blog. Judging by the comments that I get, how I play a hand might draw a comment. What I see at an online or live table might be interesting. I even try to share what books I have read that have been helpful. All in all, getting ideas for blogging daily is both challenging and fun.

When I first started out, I tried to blog 7 days a week but after a couple of months found that did not fit my life style. So now I blog usually five days a week. I have a routine that I use before writing my blogs. I usually read my email to see if there are any questions or issues I might use. I also check my tweets from overnight. Finally, I check out Usually he posts at least once a day and sometimes more. I have found inspiration for some of my posts by reading his blog. I also take time to read the blog of my online poker friends and acquaintances, commenting when I find something that strikes a chord with me.

I have noticed that some of the poker professionals only post when they have something they want to share. The online sites usually post every day, sometimes more if there are events they want to keep you updated about. Some of the poker pros talk about non-poker related topics. You get a glimpse into their lives as they share their thoughts and ideas.

Some of what I read, some of what I do and some of what I think about, I use for my blog.

What interests you? What would you like to see? What do want to hear about? What do you want to talk about?

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