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Last night marked the start of the new monthly Twitter Poker Tour competition.  In all there were 34 entrants. Of late I have not been finishing well in this event and thought that I would change a little of my strategy.

I have been forced to fold made hands, pocket pairs, when aggressive betting seemed to indicate that I had a poorer holding than my opponent. But I never really knew for sure and at times I thought that I was being bluffed.

This time, I had decided that what ever hands I would call or raise with I would be committed to playing out the hand. I tempered this with what was flopped. If it was bad for me and might be good for my opponent I would fold. But it would not be based on what their betting was.

This worked reasonably well for me last might. I had one player try to bet me off of top pair and he showed down an 8 5 off suit to my A J off suit.  I had hit my jack. but that did not stop him from putting in raise after raise. I won the pot and he had to show down what he was playing.

Against this same player in another hand, I had J 10 in the big blind and my opponent limped in to see the flop which was Ac Qd Js. My opponent bets 2BB and I call with bottom pair.  The turn was a 10s, giving me two pairs. My opponent bets 4bb and I call. The river was a 7h and my opponent bet 9BB or $450. I call. He shows down 5c 6c. He missed the flop, the turn and the river and just had a 5c 6c.  Then he had the nerve to say “you called the flop bet with bottom pair?” His raise was only $100 to see the turn and yes I called because I have seen him play with air, meaning no hand at all.  My rejoinder was “you played the 5c 6c” and I left it at that.

My last hand of the evening was against the same player. He finally got his chips in good against me. I had a four flush at the flop to the nuts and did not hit my draw. Had I hit, I would have been in good position for the rest of the tourney. He hit a straight and I had a busted flush draw to go out in 20th place. He later finished in 11th place. Only the top three winners were paid.

Have you ever played against a player who bluffed or semi-bluffed you out of hands you thought were good? How did you change that situation around? Since all good players are supposed to bluff some of the time, do you bluff as well?

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