Thoughts while playing a Level 1 Step tourney

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DoylesRoom.Com currently has a promotion going, “WPT Doyle Brunson 5 Diamond Poker Classic”, in which you play for the chance to win a first class Vegas Experience worth $17,000.00 and a chance to win a seat at the final table of a WPT event. You can buy in directly to the event or try to win a satellite game.

There are ten steps that you could move up the ladder in order to win the grand prize. Level 1 costs .22c, level 2 is .62c, level 3 is $1.82, and all the way up to level 10, which costs $3,750.00 to buy in. But if you are lucky enough to win at each level, you could turn .22c into a $17,000.00 package.

I am trying the steps currently and have gotten only as high as level 2 in my attempt to reach level 3. But I did win an entry for level 1, so I can try again. I am not sure how successful I am going to be because of the play that I see around me.

It seems that at the lower entries, a lot of the players have made up their minds that going all in with any pocket pair or any Ace or two suited cards is the way to win these early levels. This puts the game into a sort of “No Limit Hold ‘Em” lottery and may the luckiest player win.

In one of these games, I saw a player go all in on the very first hand dealt. The all in player had a pair of fives and he was called by a player having a J 10 unsuited. I don’t know what books or poker school they came from or what they might have been smoking but this is not the way to win a tourney.  As luck would have it, neither player hit any cards on the flop and the player with the pair of 5’s lost to the player with the J 10.  Because the flop, turn and river contained two pair higher than the pocket fives, the hand went to the player with the J 10 because he held a higher kicker.  So far, I have only played on the first two levels so I don’t know if the playing gets better as you advance to the higher levels. I might just buy into a step 4 or step 5 and save myself some frustration with these lower lottery events.

Do you play your way to a larger event through satellites? If there are multiple steps, do you buy into a higher level to avoid the donkaments? Are you the type that just buys into the main event directly?

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