One step closer to the "WPT Doyle Brunson 5 Diamond Poker Classic"

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I mentioned in my last post that DoylesRoom.Com currently has a promotion going, “WPT Doyle Brunson 5 Diamond Poker Classic”, in which you play for the chance to win a first class Vegas Experience worth $17,000.00 and a chance to win a seat at the final table of a WPT event. You can buy in directly to the event or try to win a satellite game.

There are ten steps that you can move up the ladder in order to win the grand prize. Level 1 costs .22c, level 2 is .62c, level 3 is $1.82, and all the way up to level 10, which costs $3,750.00 to buy in. But if you are lucky enough to win at each level, you could turn .22c into a $17,000.00 package.

My first few attempts to climb the steps to a higher level were filled with some frustration as many of the players in the starting steps would go all in with just about any hand they had. Although I had not seen anyone with a 7 2 suited going all in, I would not have been surprised.

Last night I successfully finished step 2 and entered into step 3. While I had won my buy in for step three, you could just play the $1.82 plus .18c fee or $2.00 and buy in directly instead of winning an entry through a satellite.  The format for these games is a single table sit n go, with blinds and antes increasing every ten minutes.The players are given a starting stack of 1,500 chips. Nine players compete for five available prizes. These are two tickets to the next step, 4, two tickets to the current level 3 and a ticket back to step 2.

This game was played far better that the previous steps I had been involved in. For the most part, the players were tighter and slightly more aggressive. This step lasted almost 1 1/2 hours with no breaks. There were 92 hands played, and I won in 18 of them. I folded 63 hands either pre-flop or post flop if I was in the big blind. By playing tight yet aggressive and by attempting just a few steals, I finished in second place and won an entry to step 4, which is worth $5.85. I am looking forward to playing the next level and writing about it as well.

Do you play satellites to enter larger tourneys? Do you buy in at a higher level to avoid the challenges of the lower levels? Have you ever played in a WPT tourney?

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