What if win my way to the WPT event via a satellite?

The Cart Before the Horse
Image by emilio labrador via Flickr

I realize that I have a ways to go before I can even think about going to a WPT event but I can still dream can’t I? What would it be like playing against a field of 300 or 600 players vying for a spot at the final table under the lights of the WPT cameras. Having Mike Sexton or Vince Van Patton talking about me and how I got here via the satellite route at DoylesRoom.com.

Getting to the final table and having Daniel Negreanu to my left and Texas Dolly to my right. Image that Gavin Smith and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson  are directly across the table and finishing the table of six is David “the Devil Fish” Ulliott.  That would be pretty heady for a New England born boy.

The grand prize being played for is a life changing 1.5 million dollars for first place and a seat to the WPT Final Event that may be worth many millions more.

Of  course there are the realities to think about. There are tax consequences that would result from just getting to the WPT as the prize package is valued at $17,000 plus.

Or course, winning the top prize would solve that problem.  I could afford the tax consultants and accountants to help with the financial end of this. But if I were to make it to Vegas and lose or not make it to the cash, I would probably owe the IRS at least three or four thousand just from winning the satellites.

But all that is putting the cart before the horse.  I have to win steps, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 before this dream can become a reality.

Do you ever dream about making the WPT or WSOP final table? Are you prepared to win? Can you handle the loss? What are your poker dreams?

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3 thoughts on “What if win my way to the WPT event via a satellite?

  1. Last night I had a dream that I was sitting at the featured table of the main event of the WSOP. In walked Phil Hellmuth to sit with us, playing up to the crowds as he took his seat two to my left. I thought, “Great, I've got the World Champ, and argueably the greatest tournament NLHE player in the world, not just at my table, but with position on me. Does it get any worse than this?” My dream was pretty cool though as I was a card magnet, and I was hitting right and left, including scooping a couple of big pots off of Phil. I remember vivdly the hands that I was playing, as well as stacking those Orange and Blue chips. I couldn't believe my good fortune.I think that at their core, poker players all have a thought of “What would it be like, if even for a moment, to be considered the best in the world.” WPT and WSOP are great stages to do so as so many of poker's elite are present and focused on that similar prize. It IS about the money, but its also about the fame and the glory. For some, they covet the latter more than the former. For me, and I'm assuming you too Steve, it would simply be an honor to squeeze to hole cards and raise a pot with some of these names. That's what makes poker so special. I'll never handle Lebron 1 on 1, I'll never play the back 9 with Tiger, and I'll never have Peyton Manning throwing me a “Go Route.” But the possibility of an accountant who won a $50 sattelite one year and turned it into a WSOP Bracelet all while millions watched on ESPN gives us all the thought, “Hey, that could be me.” And with a good run, it could be. Wouldn't that be cool.

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