There are times when you know that you are losing?

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Last night at the #TPT, Twitter Poker Tour, I lasted only 40 minutes finishing in 25th place out of 33 players. It just was not my night.

Of the 53 hands I was dealt, I had pocket pairs four times.  66, 44, 77, JJ. My pocket sixes did not improve on the flop and I folded to a raise on a board that had two cards higher than my sixes.

With my pocket 4’s, I opened the pot for a raise, was re-raised by a good player and just called. Again the flop, did not help me with all three cards being higher than my fours. With small pocket pairs I am looking to hit a set,  three of a kind. Facing a raise and having only two outs, I folded.

With my pockets sevens, I re-raised a bet and saw the flop which was 8, K, 10. While all of these cards were higher than my 7’s, I called a raise on the flop and got to see the turn which was a 3. We checked again and the river was a 3, making a pair of threes on the board. My opponent turned over his 9’s and I mucked my 7’s. He later told me that he would have folded if I had raised on either the turn or the river. Oh well. The reason I had hung on to my 7’s was that I had seen him make similar raises with pocket 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s.

My last and final hand of the night had me all in preflop as the result of aggressive raising by three players including myself. I was heads up against a pair of pocket Queens and my Jacks did not improve. I am told there are only three ways to play Jacks:  call, raise, or fold. And all these ways are wrong.

Getting back to my title for today – you know that you are beaten when at least one person calls your all-in bet and another is still considering it. There are times when you want to be called but I would have been happy to just take what was in the pot and have the rest of the players fold.

It was fun while it lasted. Congratulations to the winners:

Street 3

How did you do in your last tourney? Are there hands you wished you could have played over? How do you play small pocket pairs?

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