In spite of my best laid plans, I busted out of Step 5 in last place – Duh!

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In my last post, I described that I was playing in a Steps series on DoylesRoom.Com in the hopes of securing a seat at a WPT event being played this December.

I said how I would only play great starting hands in position and would be careful not to get busted out. My goal was to finish Step 5 in no less than 5th place. Places one and two would advance me to the next level. Places three and four would keep me at Step 5. Fifth place would send me back to Step 4. Anything lower and I would have to start over again either at Step 1 or buy-in at a higher level.

However, I did not follow my own carefully thought out plans. I was going to fold all but premium hands unless I had position or could limp in. I was only going to play monster hands aggressively.

We started with nine players, each with 3,000 in chips. There were still nine at the table with the average stack being 3,400. I was in last place with 2,600 in chips. I was trying to be careful with what hands I wanted to play.

I was in the small blind and I had K8 off suit. There were five who called the flop including myself. The big blind checked. The flop was K78 – rainbow. I made a pot sized bet. The big blind raised it again pot size. I was thinking perhaps AA or AK or a similar high pair.

I shoved with my top two pairs only to be called by the big blind with pocket 7’s for a set. The set held up and I was out in ninth or last place.

So much for planing and playing according to the plan. Now this brings me up to my next question and answer.

Do I go back to “Step 1” and work my way back? Do I jump back into Step 5 and pay the $17.00 fee? Do I take a small step back (no pun intended) and start over at Step 4 with a buy-in of $5.85.

I don’t feel the need to punish myself for bad judgment this time. Heaven knows even the top pros do not follow their own advice. How many times has Doyle Brunson played AQ, a hand he totally hates and says should be folded. But even he has played hands he says are real trouble and he has lost with those hands.

In any case, yesterday I bought in at Step 4 and won. So now I look forward to replaying Step 5 and moving forward.

Have you ever made plans prior to entering a tourney and then lost focus and not followed them? Have you ever busted out early when there was no real reason to? What has been your experience with Step type tourneys?

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