Refreshing to play at a civil table. Makes poker more fun to play.

Flopped Quads
Image by Chris Hanel via Flickr

While playing at my never ending Steps tourneys at, something unusual happened. While for the most part, there was no chatting going on, when there was, it was civil in nature.

In one hand that I played,  I had AQ suited on the button. I was short stacked with less than 2,300 of my original starting 3,000 in chips. The average stack at that point was 6,000 and the blinds were 200/400.

I went all in and was called by a larger stack player who turned over AJ off suit. Neither of us were helped by the flop, turn or river and I won the pot and doubled up with my AQ. I can imagine my opponent smiling as he typed his chat message to me. He said “NICE HAND”.  “YOU KNOW DON’T YOU THAT DOYLE DOES NOT LIKE AQ?” I replied “lol” to which he said “WHAT DOES LOL MEAN?”.

I think that he was new to online play or he would have known that it is bad online etiquette to use caps when chatting. Caps usually means that the person is SCREAMING at you. His not knowing what lol meant seemed genuine as well.

The next to last hand that I played with him was another all in confrontation. I was still short stacked and went all in with A5 of spades. He instantly called with AK off suit. The flop was no help but I hit a 5 on the turn that held up and I won the hand. That left him extremely short stacked with less than 600 in chips.  I typed  “sry” for sorry and he said “THAT’S ALL RIGHT – I ALREADY HAVE AN ENTRY TICKET FOR STEP 6”.

By the next hand he was gone. I finished in 3rd place and have to repeat Step 5 for the third time. I hope I see that opponent again. Just not at a final table. He was good, but just got unlucky.

Have you ever had a pleasant playing experience where you enjoyed the poker session even if you did not accomplish the goal of winning? Isn’t it more fun to play with friends even if you are playing to win?

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