A Diamond ended up costing me a third of my buy-in!

Four Suits
Image by qthomasbower via Flickr

I was playing No Limit Hold ‘Em at Full Rush Poker. I bought into a low level table where the blinds were .05/.10 and my buy-in was $5.00. The table play was a little wild. There was one high stacked player with over $20.00 so he must have been hitting good hands as the maximum buy-in is $10.00.

When ever I enter a table cold, not having observed it, I like to wait until I am the big blind to play. While waiting, I noticed a lot of raises and re-rasises from the large stack opponent. He would get a few callers, hit his flop and rake in more money. Some of the other players had stack sizes of less than $2.00 and in some cases, less than $1.00.

I realized right then if I was going to stay at the table I needed to wait for either AA, KK or perhaps AK before playing as it appeared that an all-in moment could occur any time.  I wanted to have a hand to battle with.

On one hand, I caught AK and I was in early position. The under-the-gun player folded as did the next player. I raised by betting a pot size bet of .70c. There were five callers including the large stack and the big blind. The flop was 3 5 6 rainbow, no matching suits.

Everyone checked and the turn card was a 10. No help to me either. The big blind checked, I checked, the next player bet .70c. The large stack player folded. The big blind raised, going all in for his remaining $1.83.

My hand was poised over the mouse, waiting to click the “fold” button, when it happened.  Out of nowhere came a Diamond flying over the back of the couch, and hit my shoulder. I immediately hit the mouse button  but now it was positioned over the call button. The other player folded and I watched the river card bring me no help.

I lost over a third of my stack when Diamond, one of our pair of young kittens, leaped over the couch and hit my shoulder in an attempt to get into my lap to cuddle. Both he and his brother, Spade, vie for the top position on my lap, each one trying to move the other away in order to claim me for their sole possession.

So now the cat is out of the bag. Most of the time I play online, sitting on the couch in front of the large screen TV. I have my notebook hooked up to it and enjoy watching the action on a 47 inch screen. These kittens are quite a challenge while I play online poker. They enjoy stepping on the keyboard, batting the mouse or watching the screen while the cards are being dealt.

Do you ever play online poker with distractions? How does that effect your game? Have your distractions caused you to play in a less than optimal way?

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