Thank you Mitchell Cogert for the "Full Rush Poker" Trick or Tweet freeroll

Poker ghost?
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Last night I played in a freeroll on FullRushPoker.Com that was a gift from @Mitchell1969.  Mitchell Cogert is the author of some great poker books and blogger of  The Razz Challenge. His freeroll was a thank you to those that signed up with “Full Rush Poker” using his bonus and rakeback code.

Mitchell called this a “Trick or Tweet” tourney and right from the start, the Tricks were first. He had planned and scheduled this tourney for 9pm ET but FullRushPoker actually scheduled it for 10pm ET. I almost wasn’t going to play in it and then decided to play a little. I was going to take some risks and maybe bust out early and go to bed. But I had a good run of cards and stayed up until 12:02 am.

There were 31 entrants to the event. The game was No Limit Hold ‘Em. Each player was given 3,000 in chips. The top five winners would split up $50 and anyone that knocked Mitchell out of the game would win a bounty of $10.00 as well.

The game lasted over two and half hours. I was able to chip up, as they say, early and was in the top five most of the evening. I even had the chip lead late in the event.  I gave that up to Acesup7 when my AK ran into his pocket sixes. He hit a set and I never caught up to him. I was able to finish fourth due to the current third and fourth place players going all in with one of them being eliminated in 5th place, moving me up one place.

There was lots of action, excitement and thrills. I had a couple of the worse hands suck out and beat better hands a couple of times. The following is a summary of the top five finishers and their prizes.

1 BearcatJ $ 20.00
2 AcesUp7 $ 12.00
3 Spectre1 $ 8.00
4 stevebrogan $ 6.00
5 koky_pr $ 4.00

The Trick was knocking out @Mitchell1969 (myway1969) and it won koky_pr a $10 bounty as well as his forth place prize of $4.00

Do you ever play private freerolls? What has your experience been?

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