"Hello Dolly" and good bye chips!

Ace of Spades (Langford Style)
Image by Malkav via Flickr

The last couple of Twitter Poker Tour tournaments I have been in I have run across a hand that has been disastrous to get and play.

Back quite a few years ago, the hand, Ace Queen, or AQ was known as a “Doy;e Brunson” because he happened to get that hand quite a lot and lost a lot of pots and a lot of money when he played those two cards, suited or otherwise. In his first Super System volume he is quoted as saying “I never play those two cards!”.  Since winning back to back WSOP Main events in 1976 and 1977, the card combination of 10-2 has become the new “Doyle Brunson”.

Because Doyle Brunson is also know as “Texas Dolly” and because Dolly Parton is a beautiful lady, I would like to rename the “Ace Queen” the “Hello Dolly”. That way the person for whom the original hand was named after will still be associated with the hand and the beauty of the hand can be a reflection of DP.

But beware! This hand is not a premium hand and falls below AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT and AK in value. In some circles it is considered to be only the tenth highest ranked hand.

It was in last weeks #TPT Thursday night tourney that I came to know and dread the AQ. I caught the hand four times during the game and I lost with it, three time for a 75% losing rate. The problem with this hand is that if you catch a queen, you can still be beaten by AA, KK, AK or QQ. In any case, my misplaying of the hand cost me over 3/4 of my stack. I eventually busted out of the tourney in 6th place, one place off of the bubble.

Bear in mind, playing this hand was horrible because I had read Super System 2 by Doyle Brunson and knew what he had to say about this hand. Of course I had seen him play this hand on TV so he did not even follow his own advice.  I have also seen Phil Ivey lose three attempts to win a WPT, World Poker Tour, event because he also misplayed the AQ hand. Does that put me in the same league as Doyle Brunson and Phil Ivey? NO WAY! It is just that the seductiveness of the hand will cause you to say good bye to your chips, cash and tourney hopes if you play or misplay the Hello Dolly.

Do you have a hand that causes you to lose every time you play them? Are you superstitious about certain card combinations? Do you fold your dreaded hand or play them any way, hoping for the best?

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