A slight break from cash games

A poker tournament in progress. Taken by me.
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I took a break last night from playing the cash games and instead decided to play some Step sit n go’s at DoylesRoom.com. I have been reading The Poker Tournament Formula by Arnold Snyder. This book is different than the more than 15 books I have already read about playing in a No Limit Tournament. I am barely 90 pages into the 327 plus pages of the book.

While Mr. Snyder actually states what types of tourneys I should enter to employ these new ideas, I decided to give them a try while playing the Sit n Go’s at Doyles.

I need to give Mr. Snyder credit where credit is due. Trying these new ideas based on position in a tourney of less than the suggested minimum three tables and blind levels of less than the 20 minutes he suggested did not work for me at all.

So I think that until I finish his book and the practices he suggests in the manner he suggests, I will go back to my loose and aggressive, LAG, and tight and aggressive, TAG, methods of playing single table sit and go’s.

If and when I can enter the appropriate tourneys to use these skills, I will record my results and let you know how I made out. When I twittered on what I was going to try, I got all kinds of responses; from great ideas to what the heck are you trying to do!

Have you ever experimented with advance poker concepts only to find out you were not applying them to the right circumstances? Did you realize your errors and adjust your playing style back to your standard method of play?

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