A slow week at poker but I ran into Duke a couple of times

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Last week I had other duties and chores that keep me away from the online felt most of the week. But I did have an occasion to play some satellites and cash games.

On the Set N Go Step games at Doyles I am stuck in the early steps but still alive trying to get past Step 4. But of more interest, I keep running into the same people and I wrote notes to help me in the event of a repeat meet-up. One player, whom I will call Duke is unbluffable.  Do not even try.

I had AK and raised the pot to a pot size bet pre-flop and was called by Duke. The flop was Q 9 5. No help to me but I decided to try a continuation bet of 1/2 of the pot.  Duke called again. Now he had me thinking that he either had a medium or high pocket pair? The turn was a J. Still no help for me except that now I had a straight draw. So I let out again with a  1/3 pot size bet, hoping that the smaller amount might make him think that I wanted a call and he would fold. But no, he called again. The river card was a7.

I gave up betting as I had put over a third of my chips into the pot with to avail. I figured if I moved all in with nothing, he would just call again. He turned over his pocket pair of threes. He was not about to be bluffed or moved off of his threes.  Even in the face of the fact that all of the cards being flopped were higher than his cards.  While my betting with just AK might have bad, his calling in the face of such strength was just as bad.

I have seen him since, and he is still unbluffable, and he is losing in his attempt to advance a level also. In the last hand I saw him play against another opponent, he ended up with AK and the board had K 10 8 Q 4. His opponent had KQ for two pairs. Duke called the all in bets at the turn because he could not be bluffed from his holding of top pair with an Ace kicker. Know his inability to fold, I would not try bluffing him again but if I had two pair or trips I would probably go after him if we were in a pot together. Knowing how he plays does help me in the long run.

If I run into Duke again in the future, there is a player note about him that says  he cannot be bluffed. That will help me unless he changes his style of play.

Have you ever tried to take the pot with AK with a pre-flop pot size bet only to have a caller or a re-raiser? What did you do? Fold or call to see the flop? If you missed the flop, did you give up your attempt to buy the pot?

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