Aces cracked, stacked again!

...a girl's best friend.
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Last night I went back to playing No Limit Hold ‘Em  cash games at, (I am now an affiliate member of Doyle’s Room) at the .25/.50 cash tables. I bought in for my usual amount of $30 and waited until my turn as the big blind, BB, before playing. Usually this gives me a chance to see what the other players are doing at the table. Some like to try stealing the blinds in position, which is a good idea. I do it whenever I get the chance. Stealing the blinds helps to keep my stack level in those times when I am not drawing any good cards to play.

I played over 143 hands and my stack was dwindling down to about $21 wen I was dealt pocket aces, rockets, bullets, American Airlines, the best starting hand. Lately, whenever I have been dealt these beauties, I have won small pots and lost large pots.

The last session I played them normal, raising and seeing the flop when I was called. This time I raised to the pot size and bet $1.75. My opponent raised to $5.50 and the rest of the players folded until it was my turn to bet. Rather than wait until the turn, I re-raised all in for my remaining $15.45. My opponent called and turned over QQ to my AA.

Once again, this was going to be a case of my hand being the best hand pre-flop. The flop was 4c,3d,6s with no flush draw possible for either of us. The turn card was a 6d, pairing the board. And the river card was ….. a queen, giving my opponent three queens to my two aces.. Once again I had been rivered, as they say in the poker world.

Would I make that play again? Probably. I know that I would rather go all in with Aces versus Queens anytime. I would have been more concerned if I was up against 87 suited as that type of hand could easily make two pair or a flush or even a straight. At least playing a higher pair against a lower pair, there are less outs for your opponent to hit. Catching one of the two remaining queens was a long shot. There was only one chance in eight of my opponent’s hand improving and beating my pocket aces.

Pre-flop, I was an 81% favorite to win the hand. Post flop, I was an 88% favorite. After the turn, my chances of winning went up to 95%. The river reduced my odds to 0%. Once again, my opponent cracked my aces and won my stack. Poker Odds calculator was courtesy of

Overall, I had a winning night, leaving the table with $10 more than I started in spite of losing $21 in just one hand.

No questions about the hand this time as I think we have beaten this topic to death in previous posts and discussions.

Where do you play poker? Do you have winning sessions? Are you running good? Or do you play just for the fun of it?

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3 thoughts on “Aces cracked, stacked again!

    • Thanks for the advice. I do like pocket Aces and am looking forward to getting them at least once every 220 hands or so. Sooner is ok as well.

  1. Thanks for the advice. I do like pocket Aces and am looking forward to getting them at least once every 220 hands or so. Sooner is ok as well.

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