Knowing when to shut it down!

Harry Truman's poker chips
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The last two weeks of cash games have seen me going into a tailspin. My previous gains at and have turned into losses in spite of my trying to play tight. Bad decisions have cost me significant amounts on my accounts at each site.

These loses have given me some pause to consider just what my poker future might be. I know that I don’t know everything that there is to know about poker.

There is still a lot about the game that I have not gotten right. I also know that just a small percentage of poker players make a living at it as a pro.

It is time for me to consider the fact that I am a recreation player and to plan and play accordingly.  I still maintain a small balance in most of the sites that I frequent.  I intend to scale back my play both in time and buy-ins while I evaluate my future plans.

I still enjoy and and am challenged by the game of poker and its many forms.

One of the sites I am trying out is the site which offers a legal US subscription play of $19.95 per month, that I can budget as a recreational player. This site offers the opportunity to win seats at WPT events, boot camps, or cash prizes and more.

I have even signed up as an affiliate, meaning I receive payments for people that sign up using the ad or affiliate link on my web site.

On the learning front, I still have about a dozen new and old poker books that I have not yet read.  I still plan to keep active but at a scaled down level until I find my poker feet.

What about you? Do you play poker as a recreational game or for profit?

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