Pot Limit Omaha Sit n Go's

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For the last week I have been playing mostly Pot Limit Omaha Sit N Go’s on CLubWPT.Com, a site I am affiliated with.  The format is fairly simple. The buy-in is 25 TP’s or tournament points. The prize is 250 TP’s divided between the first and second place finishers in the amounts of 150 and 100 respectively. Each player is given 1,000 starting chips. The blinds and antes increase every 10 minutes.  I have played over 20 tournaments so far and have started placing in either first or second place in the last 6 Sit n Go’s.

I discovered that most of the players were very wild, betting and raising the pot with hands that had a lot of drawing potential but not necessarily the best hand.  I found that unless I had AAKK or 8877 double suited, meaning that the AK’s or 87’s were in the same suit, I could just wait until everyone else lost to the chip leader. Then I could play heads up and either win all of his chips or finish in second place.

This stratagem has worked very well, except for the last game I was involved in.  There were three of us left and the short stack was sitting out. The chip leader had about 7,500. I had about 1,750 and the short stack had about 1,250.   I folded most hands losing the blinds and antes to the chip leader. I was able to keep my chip level from going below 1,000.

Basically, Pot Limit Omaha is considered a drawing game, in that your hand values change from pre-flop, to flop, turn and river. To be successful at PLO, you need to know when to call, fold or jam it, raising the pot. I had forgotten all that in one hand when I had pocket Kings with a Jack and an eight. This was not really a good hand and yet not only did I call the raised pot, I re-raised and was all-in in just two clicks of the mouse. As I said, I had KKJ8. My opponent had 6795. The flop was 5 7 3 with the turn a 7 and the river a 9. I went out in third place with the player that was sitting out with only 75 chips, winning second place.

In just one brief hand, I had forgotten my original plan and caved in to the action of the game. Had I done nothing more than folded every hand, I would have finished in second place.

Do you have a game plan when playing Pot Limit Omaha? Do you ever get impatient with waiting for the best hands to develop?  How do you play PLO?

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