Small Ball Poker – a tourney strategy!

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I have just finished reading Power Hold’em Strategy written by Daniel Negreanu. He has five other contributors including himself in the book.

There is something there for both the amateur and the semi-pro as well as secrets that even the poker pros might be able to use to increase their wins. This book is intended for those players that participate in playing tournaments, both online and in a casino.

The bulk of the book is an explanation and tutorial on how to play “Small Ball Poker”, written by Daniel, who excels in that type of play,

On the surface, “small ball” is about winning small pots and building up your stack. It is about avoiding the all-in crippling confrontations that face all of us from time to time. He does not say to totally avoid those situations. But it is best if you only go all-in when you have the “nuts” or the best hand.

While his style of play was for tournaments, I have tried it in cash games with limited success.  This is certainly a book that belongs on your bookshelf if you play lots of tourneys.

Do you already play using “small ball” techniques?

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5 thoughts on “Small Ball Poker – a tourney strategy!

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  2. Small ball sounds exactly how I play. I never knew there was a name for it. I can definitely see it only work well for tourney play, but that's how I use it.I'll have to give the book a look see. Most poker books I read only apply about 25% to my playing style, but this looks right in my wheelhouse.

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