The evidence is in – I am a losing poker player!

and then he lost it all
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This does not come as any surprise to me as I am making re-deposits to my online sites each year when I finally run my balance with a site down to $10.00 or less.

There is only one site in the last three years that I actually have more than what I started with and I don’t play there very often.

Why am I saying this?

I have always had aspirations that I would one day be a great poker player and would make a living at it.

Based on my earnings so far, I could be losing that weight I have been meaning to take off, because I would not be earning enough to buy food with.

Where do I go from here?

I love the game, I love the action, I love the books, videos and poker shows.

So I will probably end up being a recreational poker player. I will probably play a few tournaments a year and I will probably continue to blog about my successes and my failures. Now this could change if I have three or more winning years in a row. But I am not holding my breath until I do. I am blue enough already.

I will still read new books about poker and will share my thoughts about them.

In fact, I have just received two books courtesy of Robbie Vorhaus, written by his cousin John Vorhaus.

One is a book of poker fiction, titled “Under the Gun” and the other is a poker book titled “Killer Poker Online 2 – Advanced Strategies for Crushing the Internet Game”.  Both of these books look like a great read and I can’t wait to get started reading them.

Do you know what type of a poker player you are? Are you a recreational player? An amateur? Semi Pro? Pro?

Does knowing what type of player help your expectations when you play?

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