Plenty to do – but I am still playing some poker.

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For the first time in three years, I have finished a month of cash games and ended up in the black.

While the amount is very modest, it is a start. I ended April with a plus of $14 playing cash games.

I was still in the red in tournament play, having lost $41 in tourney play for April alone.

For May, I am starting in the black, although my year-to-date figures are in the red.

In my YTD cash games, I am down $200 and in my YTD tourneys, I am down $34.00.

I still have a ways to go. But I am still learning more about myself and I am getting some solid tips from the comments left on my blog.

I have recently purchased and installed PokerTracker3 – micro stakes edition – and will start to look at the results in order to help plug more holes in my game.

I already know that I am going to find that I am playing too many marginal hands out of position. That is always a road to disaster. I constantly make notes about my opponent’s tendencies but I really need to work on my own.

I recently read an article in CardPlayer magazine in which Vanessa Rousseau was interviewed and spoke about  a statistic she called RL ratio, or Raise Limp ratio. Knowing your own and you opponent’s can help you to play better.   I need to learn more about this and I will read her blog post about RL ratios  here, at this link.

Do you get good records of your wins and losses? If you are a US citizen, you should, in the event your are fortunate enough to make an income from playing poker.  Where and how do you learn to improve your poker game? Are you open to suggestions, ideas, and poker tools that might be available to you?

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