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Recently PokerStars started what they thought was an original idea, a “twitter poker league”.

Well, I hate to tell them, but the “Twitter Poker League” has been around a lot longer and has been on twitter a lot longer.

Best yet, there is no charge to be a member. Plus there are all kinds of rewards and camaraderie that cannot be measured in monetary amounts!

Check out the Twitter Poker Tour, the original Twitter poker league!

I think you will see that the “TPT” is the one.  Check it out and let me know what you think?

OhCaptain has issued the following Invitation – Everyone is invited – Time to spread the word and give back

OhCaptain has planned and oranized a charity event to benefit the Ronald McDonald House charity. $5 of your buy-in goes to the Ronald McDonald House.

here’s the details:
Date: June 16
Place: FullTiltPoker
Time: 9PM CDT (Same time as Mookie)
It will actually be running in place of the Mookie. BDR will be broadcasting it.
Charity: Ronald McDonald House
$5 + $5(Tournament, charity)
Password= vegas1
Tournament#= 164273435

See the entire post by OhCaptain by following this link!

Give something back by playing. Dead money is accepted (if you don’t play).

Attempting to rekindle with what was missing in my poker game

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About a year ago, I would have said that I had more confidence and focus in playing either cash games, tournaments or sit n go’s at various types of poker games. Somewhere along the line, that left me.

I began to suffer some losses and could not put a handle on to what was happening. I was playing a type of “ABC” poker, but was also mixing up what I was doing so that I would not be too predictable.

Slowly my losses began to accumulate in both cash games, Sit n Go’s and small entry tournaments. While I still liked playing poker, I really did not like losing.

Slowly I stopped playing as much and as a result stopped blogging as much, tweeting as much and online socializing, as much as I used too.

In short, I got into a rut.  There was even a pile of unread CardPlayer magazines on my bed-stand. A few months ago, I started reading some motivational books as well as the un-read magazines.

I am not saying that this has helped my poker game but at least I am working on my attitude.  I had even found a June 2009 Bluff Magazine that had Daniel Negreanu on the front cover and an interesting story about him.  This issue had a lot of good articles and stories. The two that caught my eye and helped me were tittled “The Power of the Inner Core” by Sam Chauhan and “Finding your Poker Focus” by Joe Beevers.

It was exactly in these two areas I needed work on.

Saving that “old” magazine was helpful. I have since ripped out those pages and review them whenever I feel the need.  I know that this has helped me and I hope it helps you as well.

Do you have a favorite poker magazine? What about them helps you, teaches you, or encourages you to be a better poker player and all around person?

Getting back on track

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Having taken some time off from posting and playing, I felt that it was time to get back into action.

Game plan:
1. Play more online cash games, up to four hours per day, Monday thru Friday
2. Play a limited amount of tourneys and Sit n Go’s, perhaps no more than 4 a week.
3. Blog at least once a week, more if possible.
4. Start exercising at least three days a week, starting off with walking and lite jogging.

This hopefully will add some balance to my game.

I am looking forward to improving my cash game with the gift of a two day training session that Chris and Kat Brogan gave me.

I will be going to Foxwoods on August 6/7 to meet up with Lee Childs and other members of the WPT Boot Camp: 2-Day Cash Camp. I follow @leechilds on Twitter to keep track of his poker exploits.

For me, this summer is starting to look just great!

What are  your poker plans for this summer? Do any of your plans involve travel? Are any of you going to Vegas to play in the Main Event?

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