Take backs from boot camp

Poker Night
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I mentioned in my previous post, I had some cash game training at a WPT Boot camp for No Limit Hold’em type of games.

As far as my progress goes, I was in the black for August, while my year-to-date is still in the red.

It appears that I am losing at a slower rate than I have previously.

My game still has some holes that I am trying to plug, such as recognizing when I might be beat by my opponent’s betting pattern.

Overall, I am more aggressive when I have good hands and am more selective about entering a pot with marginal hands.

I am entering a pot, either by betting, raising, or calling about 8% of all the hands I am dealt. I am calling only about 10 to 15% at the most and that is with drawing hands when others have already limped in before me.

What is your strategy for entering a pot? When you are first to decide, do you ever just call?

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3 thoughts on “Take backs from boot camp

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  2. I play about the same way pre flop, but I enter the pot 15% of the time. I usually only limp in as one of the blinds. Do the blinds factor into your stats? How do you usually play them?

    • I no longer defend the blinds with just any two cards. I now quietly fold unless I have premium holdings to defend them with, such as pocket AA or KK and then I will usually reraise to 3x the prior raise. Otherwise I consider the blinds as part of my fee to play the game.

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