Post WSOP and WPT Boot Camp

Tom Dwan aka "Durrrr"
Image by ElizaPeyton via Flickr

Some time has passed since the end of the 2010 WSOP Main Event. It has also been over 3 weeks since I returned from the WPT Boot Camp for cash games.

Has the training changed my game?  Yes it has.

Has it changed my results?  Not noticeably. I might be losing at a slower rate than before.

Would I recommend going to a boot camp for poker? Yes I would.

I think it would help a losing player as well as a winning player.

A few years ago No Limit Holdem was played slightly less aggressive than it is today.

Too many people have seen either “Poker After Dark”, “The Big Game”, or other similar shows.  They have seen Tom Dwan raising under the gun with 10 2 off suit and win the pot.

To counter that trend, it requires that a poker player adjust his game to match the reality of what is currently being at the tables.

Has your game changed over the years?

Are you an ABC type of player?

Are you keeping up?

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