How often to post?

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I have decided to start posting again. It may take some time for me to get back up to speed and to have something that might peak your interest. Or is that peek?

I know that I should post more – because that is a sure way that  I can get more traffic. And with more traffic, hopefully I will get more answers to questions that I have.

See Chris Brogan’s post – “One Big Traffic Secret“.

When I listen to my son, good things happen.  Amazing how life changes.

I have noticed of late that many of the poker bloggers that I follow have also slowed down.  Have we been drinking the same water? The biggest surprise to me was Doyle Brunson’s blog, last post was December 7th, 2009. How did I miss that?

I have Google Reader following over 150 poker related blogs, not counting my Social Media groups, Arts & Crafts, New Feeds and other fun stuff so I guess that I am not very observant after all. (And I wonder why I lose at playing poker).!

Have you slowed down your blogging? What has caused you to slow down or stop? What are you missing or what did you want to achieve?

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