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Using Social Media Tools, I probably follow over 150 Poker Pros around the world.

I use Twitter, Google Reader, and Facebook to follow Pros that I find interesting.

Interesting, a majority of the Pros have large followings of Wannabes,  such as myself, but they do not necessarily follow many people themselves.

In the cases where I Tweet or Re-Tweet messages to or about these Pros, for the most part I get no response.

And that is ok. I get it. No problem. I mean if I had thousands of  followers tweeting me every day, I would not have time to play poker, let alone live a normal life (such as it is for a poker pro).

There are exceptions, as there are many thoughtful and authentically nice pros that feel they should respond back.  Thank you for taking the time to do so, but, you do not really have to do so for my sake.

Currently there is one pro poker player out there that is creating a fan base and a following that has me totally amazed. He appears to follow back almost everyone that follows him. You don’t see that very often. Even I follow only about 66% of the people that follow me.

For him, that appearently is a Win – Win situation. Or should I say Win – Nguyen?

I had not been following Scotty Nguyen until this years 2010 WSOP Main Event.

After I started following, I saw that Scotty Nguyen was very proactive in talking with his fans. He Tweets almost daily. Weekly, he offers a new Fan Picture of himself or him and his family.

Scotty has a complete merchandise line of “The Prince of Poker” going for him. He also sponsors contests with the prize being Scotty allowing a fan to interview him and have that interview posted on Scotty’s website.

He is using all the tools of Social Media at his disposal and he comes across as genuine and interested in others – check out his blog!

And his “baby” counter would be off the wall if you kept of each and every time he said “baby”.  Thank you Scotty, you are “The Prince of Poker”.

Do you think that this has improved Scotty’s image in the poker world?

Do you have any poker pros that you follow that are interactive with their fan base?

What would you like your favorite poker pro to do differently?

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