Thoughts on my poker bankroll management

I have been asking a few different people including some poker pros, questions about my bankroll and how I should manage it.

I have $3,000 to use for my poker bankroll. The problem is that I have about $1,500 spread out over six sites so that my effective bankroll on each site is around $250. I have cash on hand of around $1,500 to use for the rest of my bankroll. The cash is also what I take when I go to the poker rooms.

I always try to take at least two or three buy-ins at live games with me so that I can stay in the game for a little while.  My stop loss, such as it is, is set at losing no more than two full buy-ins. Usually, if that happens, I don’t seem to play as well and so, this method seems to work for me.

I basically have about 30 buy-ins total, playing at the .25/.50 levels, which is where I seem to do my best at, lately.

My biggest goal now is to increase my bankroll by winning, so that I can move up to the next level and still have over 25 buy-ins total at the $1/$2 level .

My biggest challenge is moving money around the online sites.

Right now, to deposit on PokerStars and FullTilt, I have to use Western Union. The remaining other sites take eWalletExpress which is much easier, faster, and less expensive to me to use.

How do you manage your bankroll? What are your plans for keeping in the game for as long as you can? How do you  make your deposits to sites?

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on my poker bankroll management

  1. thats a good situation to be in. i mean having your BR spread. im guessing you play ring. therefor your table selection is optimum, you have six sites to chose your preferred table. so you should never be on a bad table. i normally have 4 or 5 buyins per limit per site, and if it gets low i deposit, and if it gets high i withdraw. in your case, if you lose the money on one site, you still have money on another. so it is the same. but obv if you lose too much you will have to drop down. just class your BR spread as your entire, drop down and move up as appropriate. dont try to get 25 buy ins/ site or you will be there for ever. About deposit issues, i have BR's on ten sites european and american and i have no such issues anywhere. my worst problem i have is when withdrawing, on one site i have to use moneybookers. but thats no biggie.

  2. when i hit my assigned goal i takeout a preset percentage and put it in the bank. If your watching the real pro's they are taking part of there winnings and starting side buisness which makes them a steady income. 15 buyin should be good maybe take that profit percentage and move up with that money and take a stab. as far as moving money around sites i use insta-debit. i can transfer from and to my bank plus it will hold the funds on there site and most sites have it as a option. break ur poker playing into sessions of about 90 hands or 45 min cause it's a proven fact that parts of your brain start to shut down and thats about when we make a play and say why did i do that i knew he had me. stop before this point and get away from ur computer and take a 20 min break go outside and breathe relax then go review your hand histories take another break then go back at it. you might want to keep a log or execel spreadsheet just to see if this helps your winrate. just relax the hands will come.

  3. Get your money onto less sites, you will stay in tune with your regular opponents better and less hassle of transferring funds.

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