Deciding when and how to play and why.

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Based on my bankroll, I consider myself to be a recreational player.  As I mentioned in my last post, I have about $3,000 tied up in online and cash play.

This allows me to play the .25/.50 games on line.  At those games I usually buy into at the maximum amount allowed, which is $50.

For the cash games I play the $1/2 No-Limit table when available (which is not very often as I would have to go from New Hampshire to Connecticut).  The buy-in for those games is either $200 or $300.

When I play in the poker rooms of New Hampshire, I play at the $2/4 Limit Hold em tables. I usually buy-in for the limit hold em games at $100/$120. Depending on how I am doing, I re-buy at either $50 or $100.

But I haven’t been to the New Hampshire tables for over two months now and my last time at the No-Limit Hold em tables in Connecticut was the middle of last August.  I am planning to go again at the end of September.

I find myself busier now at my “day” job, so I probably will be playing on line when I do play.  As I work at home, I can schedule my playing time around my work time.

So the “when” will end up being a little less often than before.  The “how” I play  should be – playing with the new skills I picked up at the WPT Boot Camp for cash games. The “why” I play …  poker is fun, and I enjoying winning.

When do you play? How do you play? And finally, why do you play?

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One thought on “Deciding when and how to play and why.

  1. With 3,000 you have a safe bankroll for playing 1/2. I myself play 1/2 and 2/5 live,…as often as I can. Since I started a new job I have had a significant cut in my playing time, but luckily it is for a poker company 🙂


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