A quiet night – sort of …

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With my day job somewhat under control, which comprised of some Social Media work and advanced child care (my granddaughter thinks she is smarter than I am, and she might be) out of the way for the evening, thoughts of poker came to mind.

So I decided to play in the Twitter Poker Tour Monday night KO Tournament which started at 9pm ET and had a buy-in of $5.50.

While waiting for the game to start, I played a little Rush poker on the Full Tilt Poker site. By little, I mean that I played at the .02/.05 tables, entering with a maximum buy-in of $5.00.

I finished the Rush Poker game with a profit of $1.68 after 15 minutes of play, just before the TPT tourney started.

When the TPT KO Tourney started, there were just three players and only one prize based on the number of players registered. Within ten minutes, two more joined in and now three players could win, with third place winning less than they paid, 4.00 versus their buy-in of 5.50.

The game was interesting as I have played with some of these players before,  but I never really caught a hand. I went all in with pocket sixes and was called by K7 off-suit. A seven hit the turn and I was out in 4th place, with no payout.

Time to go to bed. Which I did … but I brought my iPad with me and read tweets until I was tired enough to go to sleep. And I did…

Then all of a sudden I thought I hurt a crashing noise from upstairs, which would be the bedroom that our granddaughter was sleeping in. I was able to wake up without waking my wife, Diane, which is a good trick, in and of itself, and went to see what had happened. Which was nothing.  Our granddaughter was sound asleep with the reading light on. I turned off the light and went down stairs.

As I was not really tired .. well not too tired … well maybe a little tired, ok, I looked to see what “raindeer” poker games might be playing that I would like to join at Full Tilt.

When I play No Limit Hold’em, I try to stick to just the cash games, but, I like a variety for the Sit n Go’s and mini-tourneys.  I saw that there was a HOSE game, which is the same as HORSE but without the RAZZ part.  And the buy-in was just $3.30, so that if I fell asleep during the game, I would not be too upset with myself.

When we started, there were only 12 players on two tables. By the time an hour had passed, I noticed that at least 20 people were in the game. It was not until I finished that I found out 30 players total had actually joined in the play.

For the first 1 1/2 hours,  I hovered above average and was in the top 8. By the second hour I was in the top 5 with the leads changing almost every hand.  At the end I was in second place with 9,000 in chips and my opponent with 36,000. After about 45 minutes of sparing, I ended up winning 1st place and a prize of 36.30 or $33 more than my buy-in. This was about $12.50 per hour, which was good enough for the dollar level I was playing in.

As they say in poker, GG or good game.

Of course, I am very tired now and I will pay for this win as I have to take my granddaughter to school no earlier that 8:30 and pick her back up again.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and say to yourself … hmm POKER TIME! ?  Did it end up being worthwhile staying up so late?  Were you able to take a nap during your day job?

(By the way, I think that the noise that woke me up during the night might have been my iPad that I took to bed with me. I sometimes put it under my pillow prior to falling asleep. And it has slid off of the bed and thunked onto the floor before. The 6:30am alarm goes off in 15 minutes, so I won’t be able to verify what woke me up until then. LOL)

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