Inspired by others to resume writing my poker blog posts

I was recently inspired to resume writing my poker blog.

This was the result of reading the postings of both Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Co-Authors of the New York Times Best Seller, “Trust Agents”.

I was also inspired recently by reading the blogs of Scotty Nguyen and the PokerLawyer.

You can follow all of them on
Chris Brogan
Julien Smith
Scotty Nguyen
Poker Lawyer

Each of these individuals have posted ideas that resonated with my own thinking. Each of them sent out such positive information, that I felt compelled to resume my blogging journey.

Even though each of their messages are different, it was their sharing and their enthusiasm for blogging and/or poker that made me realize that I should continue to share my journey and my story.

My ultimate goal is to improve and to grow, both in the poker world and in the social media world.

A blending of both worlds will enable me to learn from both groups of people. My Social Media skills should grow as the result of  being an active part of the BTeam and my poker skills should grow as the result of being an active part of the online poker community.

Already I have received very good information and advice from both professional and amateur poker players. Some of this advice was the result of reading books and blogs. Some of this advice was received as the result of “tweeting” and/or emailing with people. I even have had some personal training in the form of a WPT Boot Camp for cash games players.

Some of the comments people have made to me on my blog, email or “tweets”, have lead me to believe that I am on the right track.

The journey that I am on, is already getting more interesting day by day.

What inspires or motivates you to continue learning and growing?  What tools to you need to help you to grow?

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5 thoughts on “Inspired by others to resume writing my poker blog posts

  1. Well Steve for you to have included me in that list of people is pretty darn amazing, thank you! Wow, that was a nice post. I'm glad anything I've written has served as inspiration, that's probably one of the best compliments I've ever received. Blogging and tweeting is certainly a motivator for me because it helps to keep track of what I'm doing and helps keep me honest about whether I'm really getting better at poker or just kidding myself. I find that tweeting is kind of inspirational when I'm in a game and people respond because it's like a virtual rail – and that's a lot of fun. And of course, that final table (especially first place) money is always the goal and biggest motivator of all, right? =)I'll be looking for your tweets, sir! Good luck in our journey.

    • You are most welcome. Your Poker Stats post got me to thinking about my journey and how I could report it and make it interesting. It appears that you are a tourney and SnG player for the most part while I am trying mostly cash games. I do play in the occasional TPT and Charity Poker Events as well as my clan games for PokerBrats. Thanks for visiting this morning.

  2. I need some inspiration to write…I have been planning on starting a book for quite some time. Maybe this new years will finally get me to start…


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