On track – and plan to stay that way!

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My poker playing results have been more consistent the last two months but I won’t get too excited until I have finished the year. Even then, it might take two or more years before I can tell if I am in the “most improved player” category.

I can attribute my current success to the training that I have received from attending the WPT BootCamp for cash game players.

It was there that the likes of Lee ChildsRick FullerNick Brancato, and Eric ‘Rizen’ Lynch showed me the errors of my ways.

Without getting into specifics (you might use these tips against me), I can tell you that all aspects of my game has changed for the following:

Hand selection
Pre-flop strategy
Post-flop strategy
Turn strategy
River strategy

Even when to enter a table and when to leave has changed for me as well – the result of my new training.

August cash game results had me finishing in the black: $58.
September, I am currently standing at a profit of $106.
Year to date, however, has me in the red for $-135.

Still I am not counting my chickens before the eggs hatch. I have long ways to go before I am truly profitable.  Stayed tuned as my excitement builds.

How are you doing?  Are you results showing improvements? How do you track your success?

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