WPT BootCamp Training for Cash Games completed

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I spent two enjoyable and information filled days at the FoxWoods Casino attending the WPT BootCamp for Cash Game Players. There were 40+ attendees with almost 20% of the audience being female.

Our instructors were:  Lee Childs, Rick Fuller, Nick Brancato, and Eric ‘Rizen’ Lynch.

Rebecca Joy, Event Coordinator at WPT Boot Camp, was the person behind the scenes that help to make things happen. Thank you, Rebecca.

The training took us from Pre-Flop play right down to river play.

The format was lecture, questions and answers, and then labs for each topic.

We were all giving a chance to play several hands of No Limit Holdem poker and then explain why we took the actions we did.

Being able to discuss my game was great and the pros told it like it was.

I took back some great ideas and concepts that I will work into my game.

I will let you know how it works out.

Have you ever had a chance to talk with the pros about your game?

What would you most important question be?

Do you feel it would help?

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