The Twitter Poker Tour is almost two years old – time to celebrate!

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It does not seem possible that two years have passed since I started playing “online poker” with a group of twitter poker players in a group called the “Twitter Poker Tour“. They have been playing lately on “Full Tilt Poker“, of which I am an affiliate (see my FTC Disclosure page).

When I first started playing in the TPT as they were known back then, I was able to win a tourney or two. But over the years they have attracted better and more aggressive players, making it much more difficult to win, let alone even place.

They have some players that will even bluff you with 7-2 suited – can you believe it!

I have even been bluffed off a good hand by one of my twitter buddies, @Coolwhipflea, with 7-2 off.  Definitely a rough crowd. You need to bring your A-Game playing there.

Because the Twitter Poker Plays on the FTP site, they have been able to attract the attention of some of the FTP Pros, who will occasionally play with us at one of the TPTPoker tourneys.

Another exciting aspect of playing with the great folks at the Twitter Poker Tour is that they have been able to offer live streaming video interviews with many different Poker Professionals, some of which are FTP Pros as well. Check it out at

Have you ever played in a Twitter Poker Tour Event on Full Tilt Poker?

How did you make out?

Did you cash?

Are you going to play tonight at 9 pm ET?

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How I choose which sites to play on

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I am registered to play poker at the following sites:

Absolute Poker
Bodog Poker
UB (formerly known as Ultimate Bet)

I am an affiliate at some of these sites, meaning that they will pay me a small percentage of what you earn or lose if you sign up and deposit using one of my affiliate links. I have disclosed those sites on my “FTC Disclosure” page, just so you will know.

The amounts I have on each of the sites vary, but, I try to maintain about 5 buy-ins at each site. This means if I have $50 deposited on one site, I can play up to five sessions of $10.00 each site.

Lately, I try to choose the site that has players worse than me. I am finding that is a bit harder then I thought. There are two problems that I am running into. Sometimes the worse players end up getting the best hands when everything is said and done. That is the nature of the game. Sometimes I run into players that are better than me and know how to make me part with my money.

Just for an example, I might have AA and I raise before the flop. I get one caller. After the flop, I might raise again, especially with a flop of 10 5 2 rainbow (no two suits alike). My opponent might have 2-2 and just call.  I raise again and the flop might be a Q and again I raise and my opponent just calls. At the river an 8 hits and again I raise and this time my opponent might re-raise me.

Now I have a problem. Am I beat or is my opponent just trying to steal the pot from me. Depending on how much is in the pot and how much I need to put in to call, I might call or I might fold.

All of a sudden,  my pockets Aces could get quite expensive. At poker, this is what you run up against. It is a matter of making the right decisions based on what you know at the time.  It is also about knowing your opponent. If this is only the first or second time you have played against him, your info is limited.

By the way, I am still in search of the perfect site.

Any ideas where I should look?  (you sharks out there, please disregard this question).

What site do you like the best and why?

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September recap – my poker train is still gathering a head of steam

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September recap:

Cash games:      +$265.02
SnG/Tourneys       -(79.43)
Total +/-           +$185.59

All in all, I find that I am doing better at live cash games. Most of my profit for the last two months came in the $1/2 NLHE games at the Foxwoods Poker room in Connecticut.

This month, I played in four sessions over a three day span and won $391. I bought in at $300 and won in all four sessions; starting with a dollar win in the first session and going on from there

In online games, I still have a problem making decisions that end up costing me money. I tend to overvalue pocket pairs after the flop and not believe that my opponent’s betting means he has a better hand than I.

Because of my wins this month, I am now in the black for the year – $19.30.

It is a start and if I can keep feeding the win engine, I should finish in the black for the entire year.

With 3/4ths of the year gone, how are your results?  Are you heading in the right direction? Are you on track?

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