September recap – my poker train is still gathering a head of steam

Steam Locomotive No. 844 - Del Rio, TX
Image by Charles & Clint via Flickr

September recap:

Cash games:      +$265.02
SnG/Tourneys       -(79.43)
Total +/-           +$185.59

All in all, I find that I am doing better at live cash games. Most of my profit for the last two months came in the $1/2 NLHE games at the Foxwoods Poker room in Connecticut.

This month, I played in four sessions over a three day span and won $391. I bought in at $300 and won in all four sessions; starting with a dollar win in the first session and going on from there

In online games, I still have a problem making decisions that end up costing me money. I tend to overvalue pocket pairs after the flop and not believe that my opponent’s betting means he has a better hand than I.

Because of my wins this month, I am now in the black for the year – $19.30.

It is a start and if I can keep feeding the win engine, I should finish in the black for the entire year.

With 3/4ths of the year gone, how are your results?  Are you heading in the right direction? Are you on track?

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2 thoughts on “September recap – my poker train is still gathering a head of steam

    • Ryan, thanks for the comments. Although winning is better than losing, I know that I am going to have ups and downs. I just hope that my ups are higher than the downs. I am looking to improve and know that I have to still pay attention to the game and make adjustments as other players change as well. Right now, I have had three losing sessions in a row but have lost less than one full buy-in during that time. I still feel that I am ahead.

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