How I choose which sites to play on

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I am registered to play poker at the following sites:

Absolute Poker
Bodog Poker
UB (formerly known as Ultimate Bet)

I am an affiliate at some of these sites, meaning that they will pay me a small percentage of what you earn or lose if you sign up and deposit using one of my affiliate links. I have disclosed those sites on my “FTC Disclosure” page, just so you will know.

The amounts I have on each of the sites vary, but, I try to maintain about 5 buy-ins at each site. This means if I have $50 deposited on one site, I can play up to five sessions of $10.00 each site.

Lately, I try to choose the site that has players worse than me. I am finding that is a bit harder then I thought. There are two problems that I am running into. Sometimes the worse players end up getting the best hands when everything is said and done. That is the nature of the game. Sometimes I run into players that are better than me and know how to make me part with my money.

Just for an example, I might have AA and I raise before the flop. I get one caller. After the flop, I might raise again, especially with a flop of 10 5 2 rainbow (no two suits alike). My opponent might have 2-2 and just call.  I raise again and the flop might be a Q and again I raise and my opponent just calls. At the river an 8 hits and again I raise and this time my opponent might re-raise me.

Now I have a problem. Am I beat or is my opponent just trying to steal the pot from me. Depending on how much is in the pot and how much I need to put in to call, I might call or I might fold.

All of a sudden,  my pockets Aces could get quite expensive. At poker, this is what you run up against. It is a matter of making the right decisions based on what you know at the time.  It is also about knowing your opponent. If this is only the first or second time you have played against him, your info is limited.

By the way, I am still in search of the perfect site.

Any ideas where I should look?  (you sharks out there, please disregard this question).

What site do you like the best and why?

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6 thoughts on “How I choose which sites to play on

  1. Hi Poker Dad. I started online at Bodog, but I can't configure HEM to work there so now I play at PokerStars and FullTilt, both of which have player pools that crush me every day. I like PokerStars and FullTilt best because they have a greater game selection and more players (I generally play low/micro stake MTTs).

    • I don’t have much at Bodog so I only play the microstakes as well. It seems that I get a good two or three day run then start to give it back. Lately, I have been trying to play a few days at each big site, hoping to keep my ROI up.

      I have PT3 but don’t use the HEM. I try to base my actions as a result of my hand and position pre-flop and then based on their previous actions based on my notetaking.

      Does using the HEM work well for you?

  2. I generally play on Pokerstars or FullTilt. Some of the other sites don’t offer the mixed games that I like, and it seems that these two are always running huge tournaments and a full line up of sngs. I particularly like the 8game sngs on pokerstars…

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