The Twitter Poker Tour is almost two years old – time to celebrate!

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It does not seem possible that two years have passed since I started playing “online poker” with a group of twitter poker players in a group called the “Twitter Poker Tour“. They have been playing lately on “Full Tilt Poker“, of which I am an affiliate (see my FTC Disclosure page).

When I first started playing in the TPT as they were known back then, I was able to win a tourney or two. But over the years they have attracted better and more aggressive players, making it much more difficult to win, let alone even place.

They have some players that will even bluff you with 7-2 suited – can you believe it!

I have even been bluffed off a good hand by one of my twitter buddies, @Coolwhipflea, with 7-2 off.  Definitely a rough crowd. You need to bring your A-Game playing there.

Because the Twitter Poker Plays on the FTP site, they have been able to attract the attention of some of the FTP Pros, who will occasionally play with us at one of the TPTPoker tourneys.

Another exciting aspect of playing with the great folks at the Twitter Poker Tour is that they have been able to offer live streaming video interviews with many different Poker Professionals, some of which are FTP Pros as well. Check it out at

Have you ever played in a Twitter Poker Tour Event on Full Tilt Poker?

How did you make out?

Did you cash?

Are you going to play tonight at 9 pm ET?

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2 thoughts on “The Twitter Poker Tour is almost two years old – time to celebrate!

  1. You write 72 off like 72 suited is that much better! I have never played in a twitter tournaments but it sounds like a good time! Wish i would have seen this posting before so that I could have participated!

    • The TPT events are held weekly on Thursday Nights at 9pm EST. Feel free to join us anytime.

      November will have some incredible prizes for the weekly events and the monthly leaderboard. Can’t wait.

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