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It has finally happened. I can now play online poker on Full Tilt Poker on my SmartPhone, my VerizonWireless Droid X. By way of disclosure, I am an affiliate of Full Tilt Poker.

Currently, I am limited to playing the “Rush Poker” tables on my phone, but that is a good start for me.

In fact, based on the method I am currently playing, “Rush Poker” is ideal for me. I am currently folding up to 96% of the hands I am dealt, therefor I would be spending a lot of time waiting for a hand to play.

“Rush Poker” is fast enough that I get a few good playable hands an hour. With the right hands, I am able to win enough that I leave most sessions with at least 125% more than what I started with. In some cases, even 250% more.

One of the things I have done lately is to step down to games with buy-ins of $10 or $20 dollars instead of the $25/$50 games I was playing before and being crushed instead of being the crusher.

If you are not familiar with “Rush Poker”, the basic idea is that you are moved to a new table and dealt a new hand as soon as fold your current hand. You can even “Quick Fold” out of turn to speed up the action.

Even though you have been moved to a new table, it appears that you are at the old table and that you folded when it was your turn.

I can choose to play traditional Texas Holdem, Omaha High or Omaha Hi/Low at micro level stakes such as .02/.05 blinds all the way up to $2/$4 blinds.

I did a search today and found out the “Rush Poker Mobile” APP was pulled from the market so if you still have an itch to play online poker you may have to go to AndroidLife to get it.

Have you tried out the new “Rush Poker Mobile” APP?

What has been your results?

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