Thoughts for 2011

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I posted on MomPopPow, the three words I have chosen for 2011 to inspire me to improve.  In the context of this blog, these reflect my poker goals

Confidence: – something that I need to work on attaining for the upcoming year. When ever I sit down at a table, at a casino or online, I need to feel that I am at my best and that I am going to be successful in my approach.  (I might not win, but I am not planning to lose.)  Attitude can make a big difference in how I play and what I can accomplish.

Consistency: a habit or skill that I need to improve on that will enable me to succeed. I find that one of my greatest leaks in my game is not playing consistently.  That does not mean that I should always play a hand the same way every time. But my decision process should be the same. I need to develop my decision process to give me the best advantage possible in my game.

Curiosity: a trait that I cultivate that will be helpful to attain new information and skills.  By this, I mean that I need to improve the game that I am playing by learning more about it. This learning can come from actual experience, reading material, or one-on-one training.

What three words will motivate you in 2011 in your poker goals?

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