A losing session yet my bankroll grows – slightly

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Yesterday, I had my first losing session this month, but I ended up with more than I started with.

I ended yesterday with $173 or 34 buy-ins of $5.00 and this morning my balance on Full Tilt Poker , an affiliate, was $182 or 36 buy-ins of $5.00

How can that be?

Every pot that I win has a certain amount taken out of it and this amount is called the “rake”.  The amount varies per site, but it is a amount that the online site takes for allowing you to play there. Even in casinos and poker rooms, each pot is raked before paying the winner.

But I have a special deal with Full Tilt using a broker, StackBack.com and I get back about 27% of the amount raked from my pots. This amount is paid to me monthly on the first week of the next month.

I won pots totaling $129.50 in February with $34.97 taken out as rake.

Yesterday I received my rakeback deposit of $8.79 or about 25.2%.

Rakeback is one way to help increase your bankroll while you play.

You are never going to win every session you play, so it is nice to have a method that softens the blow of losing an occasional buy-in.

Do you get rakeback on the sites you play?  Is it even offered?

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