Goals yet to be reached


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It is a good thing that I am not dependent on my earnings from poker as I seem to be stuck.  My bankroll needle stands at $171.00 or about 34 buy-ins of A$5.00 each.

Last night I played in my second Guarantee tourney on Full Tilt Poker, an affiliate site.  The last one I attempted had over 2,000 people and I finished in the 600’s or way out of reach of the money that the top 189 would earn.

I saw that there was a modest $2k prize to be divided by about 12 or so winners and I chose that one.  Of course the game being played was Limit RAZZ which I know but I do not have a very good success rate with.  It might have to do what the fact that I play it poorly. In any case,  I finished 61st out of 90 players.  Still not close enough to cash.

What was I thinking.  I do play better at No Limit Hold’em Tourneys than I do at RAZZ.

I still have a few Step tickets left that I will use to enter some No Limit Hold’em  Tourneys. I will attempt to enter a modestly paying event that has less than 200 players.  It is not that I don’t like playing a large field, but I feel that I smaller group is easier to work with.  I once played a freeroll witn 8,299 players and came it second. Sadly, only 1sr place won any cash.

My goal is to increase my bankroll until I have over $500. At that point I will attempt to move up to the $10 buy-in cash games.

Do you have bankroll goals?  How do you move the needle forward?

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