Stevie trips and falls.

Cracked Aces

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The other day I talked about online players and their avatars and names that they use.

I wondered if the players thought that either their avatars or their screen names gave them some extra power or strength.

Knowing that many players are superstitious I thought it might be interesting to speculate about in the post.

One of my fellow bloggers commented that the names and avatar probably mean nothing once they are chosen.

He then suggested that StevieTrips, my name on Full Tilt Poker, an affiliate site, might indicate that I tirp up a lot.

He was not too far wrong.

Last week I was doing pretty well at picking off bluffs. I could tell that my opponent was betting without the best hand. My bankroll was starting to increase from the 30 buy-ins of $5.00 or $150 and I got it up to about $182 or 36+ buy-ins.

But now I am at about $153 or 30 buy-ins.  Almost back to where I started. Am I disappointed?  Yes, but I only have myself to blame.

There were no bad beats, no close races, no miracle cards for my opponent.  When I thought I was picking of a bluff,  I was instead calling a value bet from an opponent with a better hand.

My queens were no match for Aces.  My set of 10’s were no match for a flush on the board.

I even had a hand where I had AA and entered pre-flop with a pot size bet.

The flop was 3 5 A, giving me three Aces or trips. How good was that?. Not really as good as I thought as my opponent was holding 2 4 suited. The opponent may have hope to make a flush.  Instead, he hit the straight on the flop for the winning hand and most of my stack.

I have yet to learn when to hold them and when to fold them.

The good news is that I still have a playable bankroll and I enjoy the game and will try to plug the leaks that I have in my play.

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4 thoughts on “Stevie trips and falls.

  1. chubby on full tilt:

    Early in my shark years, I was representing a husband in a divorce case. We were outside the courthouse and his soon to be “ex” starts a shouting match. She rants, he retorts. He grabs his nuts and yells, “Choke on this, bitch!” She yells back, “Yeah, well choke on my chubby you dick!” We both had WTF looks on our faces. That night, I was signing up for a FTP account…


  2. There’s only one real way to actually learn poker and that’s through practice. Lots of players wake up one morning and decide they’re going to join a website and make money because they beat their peers. That’s not totally right, only cuz some people get lucky a few times that doesn’t make them pros. Practice should be done, at preferably at no cost. Joining social websites is a great beginning. Both Zynga and Ultimate Poker Pro games on facebook (for example) offer lots of players of all levels. Once you see a general winning streak, then and only then people should start playing on pay sites. Otherwise you’ll be donating quite a bit.

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