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I am currently trying to cash out of all but two sites and so far only PokerStars has settled with me.

I am waiting for Bodog, DoylesRoom and TruePoker to “show me the money!”.

I cannot request funds from Poker Host and Carbon Poker because I am below the minimums that they allow for withdrawals. So either I deposit more money so that I can withdraw it (that is not going to happen). Or I need to win enough or lose enough to resolve those issues. I am trying the latter, winning.

As far as UB (formerly known as  Ultimate Bet) is concerned, I am probably going to lose my funds there. Maybe even FullTiltPpker will not be able to payoff their US players, although it seems like they are trying to settle up.

I am currently playing on only two sites, and is the site chosen by, a group of which I am a member. has a deal with Dusty Schmidt and I got a good bonus and three free poker books to add to my 60 plus collection already. See Dusty’s blog for more details.

I really love poker and need an online poker outlet. My local poker room has only limit games and I cannot seem to beat those yet. So I have two sites left and hope that I can continue to play there, withdrawing my earnings as I go along. Hopefully.

Oh yes, I am still playing on I am playing Omaha 8 on the Rush Poker Tables. I am only using play money and have built my play money bankroll to 100,000 from the 1,000 that they started me with.  I will probably continue to play at FTP as it works on the Droid phone and I can play in the middle of the night.

How are your post “black friday” plans working out for you?  Have you had any luck cashing out? What are your next steps?

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Play Money

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$63,015 is my current play chip balance at FTP.

I am still awaiting their transfer back to me of my real cash balance with them since “BlackFriday“. But that is another story.

I am still allowed to play poker at FTP, but by using play chips that are free. I am also allowed to use the FTP phone app to play at the Rush Poker Tables. So when I am on the road and unable to play online at the remaining US friendly sites, I can use my SmartPhone.

The game that I play the most is Omaha 8, which means that the high hand and the low hand might both share the pot. Even though this is for play chips, I am still playing as though the chips were real money. FTP allows me a starting chip count of 1,000 which I can reload up to the 1,000 as often as I need to. Thus far, I have been able to build up my play chips from 1,000 to 63,015.

Could I do as well with real money. Probably not. I am not really sure. Losing a thousand with play chips might not bother me psychologically as real cash might. It might be harder to play if you fear losing real cash versus play chips.

With the current state of online poker and the fact that the DOJ might close down any of the remaining sites that I play on, keeps me from wanting to deposit or have on hand more than $250 at any one site. A $250 bankroll on a site allows me to safely play .02/.05 to .05/.10 games. Thus trying to win thousands that I might not ever be able to withdraw or have at this time seems a little silly to me.

Are you playing online poker? Do you use the play money option? If yes, do you treat play money the same as real?

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