Father's Day Poker

Diane and I have been going to The Poker Room in NH.  Check out their FaceBook page by clicking this link.

Diane’s account of our Father’s Day outing is slightly different than mine.  See it at MomPopPow.com later today.

Our results in the prior visits were not too good. We lost half or more of our initial buy-ins at the limit table.

Getting used to playing Limit Hold’em when you have worked hard to play No Limit Hold’em correctly is a bit tricky.

Some people have even renamed Limit Hold’em to “No Fold’em Hold’em” and for good reason.

You see, some players will call all bets or raises right to the river with any two suited cards, no matter how small.

I have seen a player stay in the hand with a 3 4 of hearts even on a flop of A K Q of hearts and they would win, reinforcing their behavior that they did the right thing. After all, they won didn’t they … and that is all that counts, isn’t it; the number of chips that you have at the end of the session, regardless of how you had gotten them

So both Diane and I were victims of not having enough Limit Hold’em experience. But we were learning. The last time there, Diane had lost only 20% of her buy-in and I had lost only 51% of mine. As Charlie Sheen would say: #winning .

For Father’s Day, Diane suggested that we go to the poker room and who was I to say no. She was being kind to me.
You see, her idea of gambling is putting a $20 bill into a change machine and getting back $20’s in change. So going to the tables is not exactly her idea of fun and enjoyment.
On the tables today, I had actually won $21 more than my buy-in. She was not as fortunate.

At our table there were two brothers who were hoping to play a Sit N Go tournament. They needed more people to register in order for the table to start up. The buy-in was $40 and Diane suggested that I give it a try. So I did.

A Sit N Go, unlike a tournament, would last only an hour or two. It was a 10 handed No Limit Sit N Go and the starting stack was $4,000. The blinds started at $100 and increased every 10 minutes. This event was geared to move quickly. And it did. Four others busted out before I did.

The brothers were playing fine together until … The older brother was upset with his younger brother, because the younger brother bet his hand against his older brother. I guess the older bother did not know the unspoken rule,  “there are no friends at a poker table”. But that is another tale for another time. Eventually the two brothers were gone.

At one time I was down to less than $1,600 hundred in chips and went all-in with A 5 of spades. Luckily I was called by someone having an A 3 and I doubled up. But the blinds were now at $2,000 and $1,000 and I would only have chips for one or two more cycles of play before I ran out of them.

Again I was down to about 1,600 in chips and I went all-in with 10 10. I was called with someone having King 9 off-suit. The flop contained a King and no tens appeared to help me out and I was out in fifth place. Only three winners would receive money.

I watched the remaining four players until only three players remained. I left and felt happy with my play, although I was not happy that I had lost. Time to go home.

Thank you Diane for a great day and allowing me to play some Father’s Day poker.

How did you spend Father’s day? Did you spend it with family and friends? Did you play some Father’s day poker?

The check is in the mail?

If I had one for every site they seized, I have a set. :D

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I am still waiting for three sites to release my monies deposited with them.

TruePoker, FullTiltPoker and UB.

Supposedly TruePoker is processing my cashout check as I now have a zero balance there. But since their bank accounts have been seized by the DOJ (Department of Justice), I am not holding my breath until it gets here.

Fulltiltpoker revelations are making me feel uneasy. It appears they have comingled US player funds with their operationial funds, making it near impossible to get released for distrubution to the players.

Just this week I learned that AP/UB might only have $5 or 6 million to settle $52 million of debt.

On the lighter side, my play money account on Full Tilt Poker is now up to 168,000. I started with 1,000 on April 20th or so.

I am playing RailBird.com tourneys on LuvinPoker.com and some cash games at BlackChipPoker.com.

How are you doing cashing out?  Are you playing anywhere?

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