The check is in the mail?

If I had one for every site they seized, I have a set. :D

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I am still waiting for three sites to release my monies deposited with them.

TruePoker, FullTiltPoker and UB.

Supposedly TruePoker is processing my cashout check as I now have a zero balance there. But since their bank accounts have been seized by the DOJ (Department of Justice), I am not holding my breath until it gets here.

Fulltiltpoker revelations are making me feel uneasy. It appears they have comingled US player funds with their operationial funds, making it near impossible to get released for distrubution to the players.

Just this week I learned that AP/UB might only have $5 or 6 million to settle $52 million of debt.

On the lighter side, my play money account on Full Tilt Poker is now up to 168,000. I started with 1,000 on April 20th or so.

I am playing tourneys on and some cash games at

How are you doing cashing out?  Are you playing anywhere?

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One thought on “The check is in the mail?

  1. I play with Pokerheaven, I have never had any issues with them. Great games, healthy pots!! Not sure if it’s available in America though!!!

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