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I am going to see if I can grind a little income playing Limit Poker at The Poker Room NH located in Hampton Falls NH just across the Seabrook NH town line on US Route 1.

I might accomplish this if I stick to a schedule of playing set hours. Perhaps from 3 pm Monday through Friday, leaving the weekends free for family events.

I think in time I would learn how most of the regulars play and that would help me make better decisions at the table.

For the most part, I intend to play Limit Hold’em at the $2/4 tables.

Post note:  I drafted this on June 19th.

I tried out the limit games and lost over $150.oo total.  Grinding they call it and grinding it is, In fact, this it is called being ground down.

I might try it again in mid July.  Wait. I  only have 3 more days to wait.

Have you ever made plans and have them go differently than you planned?

How did you handle it?  Did you make new plans?

Or did you do like I did and turtle up in my own shell,

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2 thoughts on “Grinding

  1. I’ve only been brave enough to play live a few times.  Twice in tournaments and once at the no limit table at the Coushatta casino in Kinder, La.  I did fairly well in the tournys, but not very well at the table and it was fast (I had a nut straight, he had full house, I had too small a bankroll).  

    Since then I just play the freebies online, and I haven’t done that in a good while. 

    • Grinding is a tough thing. Since the Department of Justice closed down a few sites, I only keep enough to play the events I am interested it. 

      Chris was kind enough to send me to a boot camp for poker and since then I have been profitable when playing live No Limit Holdem cash games.  

      On line, I am doing better at the cash games. Only lately have I been able to win a little at tourneys.Having the proper bankroll is key.  On the Luvin site, I only play the .02/.04 cent Holdem cash games. At Black Chip, I can play the .05/.10 games.Even if I win, I don’t want to leave too much on the sites in case they get shut down. What sites are you playing on. 

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