Making poker decisions – revisited

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In many of my previous posts, I discuss how important it is to try making the best decisions possible in playing each hand of poker.

What I may not have mentioned is that you also need to be able to emotionally detach yourself from the hands being played and playing optimally. Sadly emotions still gets in the way of my play.

Last night I was in another ranking tournament.  I played most hands as optimally as possible. I folded marginal or speculative hands in early position, pre-flop.

I played top ranked hands strongly (AA, KK, QQ). However, when I got AK and opened with a raise, I got re-raised. Well, the optimal play with AK in this position is to either fold or re-raise again about the size of the pot. If my opponent re-raised again, I should assume they have a great hand and I should fold. But my emotions kicked in and my poker logic and skills went out the window. I re-raised all-in and I was instantly called.  My opponent had KK and my AK did not improve and I was out of the tourney in 28th place.

So my emotional play gets in the way of my optimal tournament play at times. This does not always happen. But it does, and I have to work on that aspect of my game.

On the bright side, I entered a private Omaha Pot Limit tourney about two hours later and came in third place out of 22 players. Only the top three players were paid. I did not stray in that game from my optimal play. Still, Omaha is a game that I am still learning.

Are you able to separate your emotions from your poker decisions? Do other players put you on tilt? Are you able to rebound when you make a bad decision?

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2 thoughts on “Making poker decisions – revisited

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  2. Making decisions is hard when you’re in a poker tournament. When you think you’ve made a good decision, you’ll be surprised that you just helped your opponent win.

    Learn Poker

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